Saturday, December 3, 2011


Still reading all the fascinating recipes in my AP+FBin5 Book.  One that caught my eye was a white clam pizza.  Not being a real fan of clams the idea of a white pizza as a change from my usual tomato based ones was appealing.  I used some of the Master Dough I have in the fridge and defrosted some raw prawns from the freezer.  I have never made Bechamel sauce before and used the recipe in the book.  I decided shallots and chilli flakes would add a little zing and so I added those instead of the parsley in the original recipe.  Quite a rich pizza the suggestion of a wedge of lemon to serve with it is a good one.  Be warned I have enough dough for at least four more pizzas but might use some for flat bread.


  1. My mouth is watering Carolyn, looks yummy!!!... Gotta get that book!!!

  2. Thanks Dean that old bay seasoning you introduced me to in your Chowder would have gone well with it. I still rate that as one of the nicest things I have camp oven cooked.