Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby Q Scotch Eggs
Just had a lovely extended weekend at Macquarie Woods with the Australian Campertrailer Group.  I cooked these for Happy Hour in the Baby Q.  Just waiting on photos to do a Youtube and maybe one of something else I cooked in the Camp Oven.  I was busy and didnt get a finished photo to use.

Various photos taken at Macquarie Woods which is a free camp site between Bathurst and Orange in NSW.  


  1. These look sensational! I love how you cook all this great looking stuff in your Baby BBQ - it's very inspiring!!!

  2. Its a challenge, I think my preference would still be a camp oven but as you know from all your travels sometimes gas is allowed and anything like fires or heat beads is not. They are good for one or two but I doubt the BabyQ would be big enough for a family of say 4.