Saturday, October 30, 2010


We arrived about 10 a.m. to find there were already about six here, Mary-Anne and Allan greeted us on arrival..  It was a perfect day and its a lovely green area with a large toilet block.  During the day quite a few arrived.  I had cooked Toni at Dutchovenmadness' Choc Chip Banana Bread at Lake Conjola and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We had planned to eat at the club which is adjoins us but had been told a dinner at the club had been arranged for Saturday night so we swopped our meals around.

Most gathered for Happy Hour but we didnt need a large fire as the temperature was just perfect.

This morning its again beautiful, not at all cold and the birds here are delightful to wake up with.    This is just one section of the campers.

Sand fly proof

Some have gone for a paddle up the creek.  A breeze has sprung up but its still sunny and 24C

I cooked some Gozleme for lunch, using a HBin5 Wholemeal and Olive Oil no knead bread dough.  The filling was Lamb Feta Baby Spinach onion and spices.


Our last Happy Hour  before most of us went to the nearby club for dinner and
entertainment - we had prawns, chicken, ham, corn beef, various salads, dessert and wine and best of all - no washing up

Some celebrated an early Halloween's Night

Thanks to our hosts Mary Anne and Allan for another great camper trailer group weekend.


  1. Your cupcakes are the spiders!

    Had to google Gözleme, never heard of it before but it sure looks good and fun to make too. Definitely on my ToDo List now!

  2. I will do a simplified Youtube of how I made these but there is lots on google. You buy them at markets in Australia usually made by Turkish ladies and with various fillings. I had them in Melbourne on my trip and the lady said she didnt use yeast but if I did them at home she would suggest I did. I also substituted wholewheat flour and used a no knead recipe.

  3. Ooops the cupcakes arent mine Michelle but I thought they looked great for a photo.

  4. Gozleme was new to me too. Looking forward to your youtube tutorial.