Monday, October 25, 2010


I am away camping and decided rather than pull out the camp oven and risk not being able to use it due to a "No Fires" ban I would use the camp kitchen gas oven available.  I have never cooked on a home type gas stove so at first had some problem even getting it to fire up. Gas and me just dont mix.

This recipe is part of the next bread braid on page 152 of the Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book and a half quantity.  I presoaked the bulgur for three hours, let the first mix rise for 2 hours (it was a warm day and rose well).  I shaped a very soft dough and left it for 45 minutes while I preheated the oven.  (Normally I would leave it in the refrigerator overnight prior to shaping).

If I ever cooked on this stove again I would lower the shelves.  I used an aluminium foil tray as the tin and it was not quite big enough to hold the shape.  The top browned far more than the sides, I went to remove the foil at 2/3rds of the cooking time and ended up putting the foil over the top to stop further browning.

The end result was a nice soft bread with a good crust.  I doubt I would make it again as the garlic and parsley didnt seem to come through much.  The faint lemon zest did which went well with the seafood I ate with it.


  1. Tabbouleh really needs a little bit of mint which will enhance the parsley too. I used a different recipe and we loved the Tabbouleh Bread.

    OMG...those shimp looks incredible. I'm pretty sure I would have skipped the bread and just pigged out on the shrimp!

  2. I noticed you added mint and I have that growing, the texture of the bread was nice and I find them all wonderful for toast.

    We are heading into prawn season. We had these at Lake Conjola, more at a Fishing Club Presentation while camped at Callala Beach and a friend picked up yet more even fresher at Greenwell Point which we brought home.

    I just love summer :)

  3. Summer for you winter for me. I am with Michelle and would go for the prawns.

  4. Looks great! I don't eat shellfish, but those thingies even tempt me!

  5. The bread looks good with all that seafood. I feel sorry for the little critters when I see their eyes, but they sure look tasty. I'm wondering what the brown sauce is in the little cup. I wish we were entering summer here, and not winter.

  6. Tweety the sauce is a bit more pink than it looks, it came from the shop where we bought the prawns. Mostly just called a seafood sauce.

  7. That's a really beautiful photo! It looks especially pretty on a day like our dreary, rainy one here.

  8. Your tabbouleh bread looks great! I love the photo. Makes me hungry. I'm making this bread today.