Sunday, November 27, 2011

BabyQ Mushroom Pizza

I pre-ordered the book Artisan Pizza and Flat Bread in 5 Minutes a Day way back in April.  I don't usually buy books as there are so many recipes and ideas on the web but these I feel are special.  This one arrived yesterday which is a week earlier than the date I was given and lived up to its promise. All sorts of information and recipes.  I guess many cook like me and get the general idea from a recipe and then adapt it to their own tastes and ingredients that happen to be handy. I had made the seeded bread I love and still had some dough in the fridge to be cooked and decided to try that as the pizza base.  I felt the seeds and grains would blend well with mushrooms.  They did for my personal taste. For others I probably would make a dough from the book as with the sugar content it browned almost a bit much but ok for me and it was for my lunch afterall.  The mushroom topping is from the book and I just loved it.  

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