Sunday, November 7, 2010

100% Whole Wheat Christmas Stollen 
from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes

I decided to skip the next listed Bread Braid and do the following one instead.  My family all like mixed dried fruit in cakes, scones, dampers etc. so I knew it  should be popular.
I didn't have any marzipan or almonds so I omitted them and I did use brandy.
I had seen a five braid dough and thought I would try that shape as I was cooking it in the kitchen oven and could use a long tray.
The shape looked good initially. I didnt photograph it though and I decorated it with cherries and walnuts. This was a mistake as it opened up and the cherries were very crooked.  I overcame this by putting more cherries on it and adding some vanilla icing.
The family all enjoyed eating it and as I used a full half quantity in the loaf it went a long way.


  1. It is always awesome to do something different for family. I love such experiments too. Like your post very much.

  2. Looks fantastic! Just in time for Xmas - all my relatives will be SO impressed when I make this!!

    Happy travels!!

  3. I actually only cut up half, its test will be when I defrost it and warm it for my visitors, I cant see that it shouldnt be fine.

  4. This is very pretty! I need to enjoy Thanksgiving before turning my thoughts to Christmas!

  5. We dont have Thanksgiving Clarice so once Halloween is over my mind starts thinking Christmas.

  6. WOW. I am impressed. Glad you posted the link in the discussion or I would have missed it. Just out to lunch, as usual.