Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I didnt read the instructions for the last Bread Braid properly and didnt realise I had a choice of the Pumpkin Pie Brioche.  I decided to make up half a quantity after seeing this on someone else's braid.  I try to cook mine mostly in the camp oven, so that makes it a slightly different challenge.  Pumpkins always remind me of Halloween and last year I picked up the ladies at an Op Shop on my way home from camping (of course wearing a red and purple hat added to the appeal.  

As soon as I put the dough in the alfoil I realised I was going to have too much filling so I simply made two.  

With the other third of the dough I made up these crescent shapes.  I simply rolled out a circle as I had seen someone else do, brushed butter on it and then sprinkles brown sugar and cinnamon.  I cut it into triangles, rolled it up and then brush it with more butter and sprinkled raw sugar on top.  They were very nice.  

The bars cut neatly, they are nice but a little sweet for me.  


  1. Loved the video, as usual, but it did not sound like Peter, Paul or Mary was singing Jet Plane. I wonder if Evap milk and some sugar would allow you to adjust sweetness.

  2. Being my husband is diabetic, many times I cut the amount of sugar and the recipes turn out just fine. Say the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, I would add 3/4 cup. If reducing the sugar to 3/4 cup works out then the second time making the recipe I would cut the sugar down to 1/2 cup.

    I have a friend, expert baker, that always cuts the sugar by half and she's done for as long as I've known her which is at least 25 years or better.

    If you're concerned the recipe will not be sweet enough just add an additional tsp of vanilla. Vanilla always sweetens a recipe.

    Also I use Beet Sugar which is sugar made from Sugar Beets. Not sure if this is available in your area, but Beet Sugar is not as sweet as cane sugar.

    Love your Crescent Rolls...WOW!

  3. Great video, had me tapping my foot and thinking of Key West. Loved the ladies.

  4. Wow, just wonderful! Funny, I was just eyeing mascarpone in the grocery store! What wonderful bars.

    Love the witches, too!