Thursday, September 30, 2010

Caramel Sticky Nut Buns  
Whole Wheat Brioche from HBin5

I had typed up my recipe rather than take the book camping and risk any damage to it.  I made up the mixture and it seemed very stiff and the recipe warned it might be very loose. I looked at the % of eggs, honey and butter and felt that was still short on my rough estimate that most of these no knead doughs seem to have approximately half the liquid as dried ingredients.  I couldnt see warm water listed and thought that very strange and I had carefully checked them all when typing.  I decided to add l cup of warm water. It did rise a bit over night left out in the thermal pot.

In the morning I googled around and found it should have had 2 1/4 cups of warm water.  What to do!!!!! I decided to just go ahead with it as the ingredients were good and at the worst it would be more like biscuit than bread.  I baked it in the camp oven and it came out very nice, I had some people talking to me about my cooking at the time and they were happy to taste test it.  Not a crumb was left :) 
The recipe has been published and details can be found at Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

Thursday and its our last day, I decided to use all the left over Brioche and make the Indian Spice donuts and not worry about the Pear Tart which was part of the challenge.  The dough was exceedingly stiff after yet another night of 0C in the Thermal Pot but I managed to roll it out and cut up about 36 donuts.  I used a Aussie Camp Oven made from Spun Steel.  The dough rested for the time it took for the heat beads to turn white and the oil to reach the right temperature about an hour.  I didnt have any trouble finding taste testers.

Check out what everyone else did with the dough at Big Black Dogs.

This afternoon its my turn to give my first talk about "my things" and what I cook when camping.  I am very pleased that I managed to cook all but one of the recipes I had put into a pdf format to share.  I did a couple that weren't on the list as well.  Its most rewarding when fellow campers get inspired and take on cooking something they hadnt tried before.  We have had a great week and will look forward to meeting up with our neighbours at another gathering.  


  1. I am impressed. I have trouble cooking inside in a normal oven. Your results on a camp stove are amazing. Looks like you have a pretty sophisticated set-up.

  2. I second Guff's comment. I didn't have the time but I'm going to make those doughnuts soon. YOurs look lovely.

  3. I third Guff's comment! I wanted a bite of those doughnuts. What fun to give a talk about camp cooking.

  4. APPLAUSE...APPLAUSE...APPLAUSE! WOW the doughnuts turned out so well. I am always so impressed with how well your baked goods turn out in your Camp Kitchen. Unbelievable!!!!

    And the ooey gooey sticky Buns look amazing! And I bet they tasted extra special good in the fresh air!

    Great job!

  5. I'm impressed as well! Those donuts look so good and the sticky nut buns look amazing. I bet it was fun!

  6. I am happy you all enjoyed it. I only had a crumb and a finger lick of the caramel but I dont need the calories, I will make it again and have a better taste, but only when there are people around to share it with.