Wednesday, June 2, 2010


After seeing the latest Youtubeof Hawaiian Braided Bread made  by Dean and Joan I thought it might go well in the UDO14.  This is their Youtube which inspired me :)

First up as I started to get the ingredients together I realised with all the cooking I have been doing lately I was almost out of all purpose white flour.  I managed three cups of white flour and then used 2 cups of wholewheat.  I then noticed my instant potato had onion in it!!!!!!! Hardly suitable for a sweet type bread.

Being determined to cook something I decided to adapt the recipe to a savoury one.  I added some parmeasan cheese, bacon pieces, Italian Herbs and garlic powder, otherwise I stuck to the other ingredients except I did reduce the sugar to 1 Tablespoon.

All went fairly well - might have been easier to have two pairs of hands to lift it into the oven.

I had made a decision to increase the heat beads (coals) as the first thing I cooked in the UDO14 I felt was not hot enough.  Now I did hesitate as both the Volcano and the UDO14 are supposed to work more efficiently than just using a cooking platform and normal camp oven.

This was a big mistake.  I checked at 30 minutes and decided on another 5 to brown the top a bit more.  It was then a bit stuck as I was experimenting with not using any baking paper, I had greased the oven, it is seasoned but this was only its second use.  It was more than stuck it was burnt!!

The sad part is that the texture of the bread recipe is excellent, the flavour was good (once you cut off the burnt bits) I should have left the heat lower........oh well tomorrow is another day and at least I wasnt in camp when I did this and the whole world would know :) I will adjust the heat beads next time.

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