Thursday, April 15, 2010

Being new I wasnt sure where I was supposed to start and as I had seen the Cinnamon Swirl Bread I decided to cook that.

I found the Brioche recipe and made it up and put it in the refrigerator for a few days till I had time to cook.

It was extremely firm to say the least. I mis-judged the rolling out and squashed it into a tin for the 1 3/4 hours suggested prior to baking.

I am doing the majority of my no knead bread cooking in a camp (dutch) oven as they are known here in Oz just to add to the challenge :)

During the 1 3/4 hours I made a Lemon Slice from a recipe I was given over 30 years ago from a cousin in the USA.


I had some dough left over from the loaf so I rolled it out sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar added some currants. I cut it into six and stood it up on the cut side and flattened them out to about 3". These had been resting and once the lemon slice was out of the oven I popped these in.


I cut one open to test my new knife.


These tasted very nice with just a hint of the honey coming through the cinnamon.

Time had passed and the bread had been 50 minutes in a camp (dutch) oven at 350 and looked pretty ready. I tossed up whether to give it another 10 minutes but decided that it would continue to cook in its own heat and should be fine. It was a bit sticky but I felt it was my fault for being over generous with the sugar/cinnamon mixture and maybe I should have taken it out of the tin for the last 30 minutes.

Cinnamon Swirls Brioche

After it had cooled I sliced it - the variations in slices are deliberate as I was testing my control with my new knife. It cut ok but seemed a bit cakey.

Cin Swirl Brioche

The recipe ended with it being made into French Toast but i didnt particularly want to do that today. I toasted two pieces and had it with strawberry jam. It was very nice.


If I made it again I would probably leave it rising another 30 minutes and cook it for 60 minutes.

I will slice it all up and freeze it and make french toast with it for my grandchildren.


  1. WOW, what a great knife! I almost bought one similar to that several years ago. Maybe I should rethink the knife!

    Your cinnamon swirl bread looks great but the muffins look fabulous! I'd like one right now please.

  2. Thanks it wasn't exactly gluten free but next time I should be able to try whatever I am supposed to use as my challenge.

    I am thrilled with the knife. I often buy things from the USA and pay huge shipping costs, this actually was made in Queensland. They do ship all over the world and your $ is worth more than ours which helps keep costs down a bit. Here is a link to it. They told me my particular one was from a squiggly gum tree that had gone over in a flood a few years back. The have another couple of knives that appeal to me as well.

  3. Welcome to the group Carolyn. Looking forward to your posts. I gather you cook and bake in the camp oven and that not inside an oven but with coal? Awesome, I will have to mark your page for those camping times. Amazing how beautiful the color turned out (I also checked your hot cross bunson youtube) I would think it's hard to control the heat but yet they look perfect.

  4. Thank you for the welcome Petra. It is not that difficult, you can use a temperature gauge so that you know what temperature the oven is and there are heat charts which tell you approximately how many heat beads are required for certain sized ovens and cooking

    Allowances have to be made for cold or windy weather.

    I am only beginner so everything is not perfect LOL but I hope that encourages others to try also, its lovely to be out in the bush and smell nice things cooking. I also practice at home in the backyard with my grandkids.

  5. Looks lovely, and welcome to our group! I wish you'd share that lemon slice recipe! :)

  6. Welcome to the google group, it will be fun to bake along side you. I have the same knife as you and have a post waiting to go up about it. I simply love it! I'm so impressed with your outdoors cooking, and look forward to many tips!

  7. Your bread looks delicious! My best friend and I used to make those lemon bars and devour them by the pan when we were kids--haven't made them for years now, though.