Monday, October 31, 2011

Probably my favourite blog is Food Wishes.  Chef John cooks very tasty dishes and this is yet another one.  The photo is my efforts last night. Often ingredients are not available in Australia for overseas recipes but this one is simple. You can make a homemade Ranch Dressing for the marinade but the Paul Newmans one is rich and delicious and at most supermarkets here. For two (6 sticks) I used the following:
2 medium chicken breasts cut each into 12 pieces
1/3rd cup Ranch Dressing
1 Teaspoon hot chilli sauce (or more to taste)
12 red onion wedges (I only had a white onion)
6 long strips of thin bacon
6 bamboo or other skewers.  If you use the bamboo ones dont forget to presoak them before making.  Also if your using a bbq or grill with flame put a double or more folded strip of alfoil underneath the stick only ends to stop the sticks burning.

Marinade the chicken pieces in the ranch dressing and chilli sauce for at least three hours or overnight in the refrigerator.  
Thread a piece of onion then the bottom of a strip of bacon, on goes a chicken piece, keep up near the top and  loop over the bacon, put on the other chicken pieces likewise pushing down as you need to fit them (4 in all) ending with bacon and onion wedge.Grill or BBQ till done.  The outside bacon will be crispy the small inside bits soft but still cooked.  He suggests using more ranch dressing for dipping.  I served them with a rice and vegetable combination.  For Chef Johns Video which shows how to make this receipe and details of the threading go here Chef Johns Ranch Chicken Skewers.

We are stopping at our favourite place were no fires are allowed but we will bbq a lot of our meals.  Its somewhat a male paradise where fishing takes priority over regular meal times.  Its also a place of many birds and in fact you can see as many as 7 in 7 minutes so I will work on some photographic challenges.  Below is the first butterfly I have ever photographed and I was pleased with it.

Today we went to a fish market and bought some fresh prawns and bread rolls.  Mangoes are in season and I just love them.  A marvellous lunch and absolutely no cooking.  We sat looking at the view and enjoying just being alive.  Summer is really here at last.  

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