Thursday, December 23, 2010


Summer is Mango time and for the Christmas Holidays my mother always made these ice cream bars.  She didnt really use a recipe but I think these are fairly close to what she made.  

2 Litres of the best full cream ice cream you can buy
600ml cream
4 Mangoes at least
2 Punnets of Strawberries
4-6 passionfruit - I used two cans but fresh is best
1 large tin of fruit salad - using the fruit and juice
Soften the ice cream and roughly mix in the cream
Chop up the Mangoes and Strawberries and fold them in.
Very lightly mix in the tin fruit, juice and passionfruit.
If you can leave trails of the fruit juice which will form crystals and makes another texture within the bars.
Try to cut them before they set 100%.
When set I usually put them into individual cliplock bags.
It was rather hot tonight and I was slow photographing and they started to melt a bit but they will harden back in the freezer overnight.  My daughters and grandchildren love to sit around after a swim sucking on one.  The advantage of using the cliplock bags is if they melt quickly it catches the drips and turns it into a drink.


  1. Simple but enjoyable Kurinji and for me happy memories of my Mum and my brother who made the tray I freeze them in :)

  2. That sounds wonderful! And so simple - so therefore right up my alley ...

    Merry Xmas, and Happy travels!!

  3. A very Happy new year to you n ur family , loved going thru ur wonderful blog !!!

    - Smita
    (fun foods for little eaters

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Smita and a Happy New Year to you and your family.