Monday, July 12, 2010


I had some no knead bread proving so I decided to use a bit of it to make a foccacia/pizza snack for the happy hour gathering.  The dough was a mixture of a grain bread mix and 00 flour.  It simply had water, salt and yeast added.  It was a very soft dough and I pressed it out in the camp oven and then put the topping of tomato,  danish salami and pizza cheese mix on.

It cooked nice and crisp and was gone in a flash.  

The rest of the dough I made up into cheese and bacon scroll type rolls. 

There is a lot more cheese and bacon in the rolls than appears in this photo.

I am very pleased with this no knead method of bread making while camping.

We have had an enjoyable weekend with the camp trailer group and will look forward to the next camp with them.  We will move further north up the coast this morning.  We awoke to heavy rain but its eased off and we will pack and move on.  Not sure how much camp oven cooking I will do between here and our destination which is Lismore for a camp oven friends 50th.  

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